Deutschland Liebe

Truly speaking, I was left astound as I learnt about Mr. Adolf in my tenth history class! I began to read a lot about him in no time, but some time later I realized that my respect for him had plunged. I don’t reminisce, but neo-nazism no more impressed me in any way after my first year in junior college at st. xavier’s.

Then there was a day when I discovered DW-TV. The newly installed DD DTH dish where this channel was available provided me with insight of Europe, especially Germany. This was the time I truly enjoyed the German way of life. With its various programs from business and auto magazines to the amazing documentaries to their journal, I enjoyed them all. I in particular loved watching Discover Germany, a travel guide which was just so beautiful!

Officially celebrated on 3rd oct, the German unity day, brings out memories from the cruel past of the world war II era. Today Germany is celebrating its 20 years of re-unification; it was on this day the Berlin wall was brought down. The Soviet’s were to leave the country in American hands and then for the Federal Republic of Germany.

The East German Mark (currency) was to be integrated into the Deutsche Mark (West German currency). Helmut Kohl became the first chancellor of reunified Germany. People of the east were naturally, but the differences between east and west can still be noticed after so many years. The prime cause for this difference is that after reunification, the government has spent about 1.5 Trillion Euros till today on subsidizing the East! Yet the east has more unemployment, less infrastructure, scarce metropolitan nature.