Sixty- Three years of Tricolor hoisting

India today celebrates 63 years of independence from the British rule. On this historic day Indians remember all the martyrs of the country. Let us salute the struggle and sacrifice they had to go through for bestowing the essentials of freedom and security we are enjoying today.

If it were not them, then India would have been `Indiana` or some `America-like` or `Australia-like` nation, with its original population wiped out by the rulers!

Always remember the above words whenever you are in temptation of fooling your own country, you want to cheat with your own brothers and you want to laugh at India and its assets. I want to remember those words, when you as a youth, don’t want to serve your own country.

Nothing comes free, you may think there is a fantastic world out there, but you will have to struggle and live as a slave (a slave of modern times) in order to build an empire of your own. But in India you can do this without the hardships because you live in Democratic Republic of India. You are a child who can enjoy the freedom which has been gifted to you by the martyrs, from the British jaws of death, sacrificing their lives and families.

And so my dear readers, Indians, sing that Lata Mangeshkar song of:
`a me-re vatan-n ke lo-go…
ja-ra aakhon mein bhar-lo paa-ni…
Jo shahid-d huyae hai uu-naki…
jara yaad karo kur-a-bani…`

I have seen people who support India in times of distress and sorrow and so in her achievements and glory. We are Indians, we have the power to defend those who try to snatch away our freedom and we have it in our blood!

At times even I have felt that India is going nowhere (looking at the scandals, frauds), but today is a new beginning, a promise which will last, a word from me to serve my Motherland in some way or the other…

A poet at the time of world war sings out for the love of his country:
O meet it is and passing sweet,
To live in peace with others,
But sweeter still and far more meet,
To die in war for brothers.
(Wilfred Owen, 1914)

Tell me your thoughts through comments:
How you feel being an Indian?
How do you see a futuristic India?
What do you want to change in order to make India a better nation?