Don’t let there be no Street Light

Vasai people, (I actually mean non-Mumbai people) I think each you could easily recall the day when there was no light at your place the whole day. I can, because it was just yesterday!! Morning time there was no current and I thought it might be due to the load shedding; I waited, waited till noon…but no use! Sunil called up and as you could guess, he was really pissed off! He was even ready to come out gather crowd and stage a violent protest!! I had to cool him down.

Alright, now these people tell that there is shortage of electricity, they advertise, they broadcast and appeal to the masses to make a difference! They tell save electricity, save our future, save for the next generation. But, but these fools don’t practice what they preach.

Here’s why:

Getting Wasted

I shot the above pic with my N73 at about noon! I first thought, it might be due to some maintenance work, but I had to give these people a call and report about it after about an hour and half as I got back from church!

They seemed concerned as I reported them, and thank God, there was an immediate action! (though it took them an hour)

I just wonder if such things happen in my place, what would be the condition of other areas? They might be so lazy or irresponsible that they might keep the street lamps burning throughout the day…and when they are actually needed at night-time, they will be put off due to load-shedding!!

Then there even is such a waste of energy in the city area, where no creature is worried about saving energy, there are such small rooms with FOUR air conditioners!

Tell me:

Have you ever experienced power cut-off?

How did you deal with it? Did you just keep waiting or you went out with friends?

How is the power supplier in your area? Reliable or not?