The Mid Night Caller

I’ve the Airtel lifetime pre paid saying it is valid for a couple of decades more! And don’t remember the last time when I had deposited in it. My friends are migrating to doocomo. Reasonthe smartper sec billing. The buzz all around is that every service should, (some are already) follow docomo.

Hey but MTS has launched yet another plan: 0.50paisa per sec billing! Now forget docomo and run for this one…

People want to talk, talk on phones! Some of them proudly say they talk for hours (u and i know with whom). For some, nighttime is not for getting sleep it is for talking and yelling at their mobiles! Some even join the orkut and facebook “Late Night Phone Calls” communities for sharing their weird stories in there! …looking forward to join one 😉

Certainly, even I like to talk on phone but not for more than say 5-6 min; 10 at max! There are other reasons of course, but at times I think some have forgotten to actually meet up and talk face to face. There is a really good friend of mine who calls me-like-everyday (docomo subscriber!) and I call him like may be once in a week or so!

The other friend doesn’t call me much but when I go over to his place he is a proud man telling me about his big night adventure that he was on phone for more than half of the night and I am like-holy crap, WHAT!

Late Night

Night On The Phone

Some alien may wonder with whom these weirdos (humans) are talking to; and for such long!

I really don’t understand the fun in talking with that battery operated device for so long, pretty literally. Some claim to hold a record for talking long while others think it’s a valid reason to sleep in class!! They are like-I wanna sleep, I was talking the whole night…

Do the operators slash call rates at night? Hum I’ll have to check out!