WAKE UP! vote!!

Look at what I have…

I have the power


I did the first and the most important thing of the day.

I voted!

Democracy is dependent on YOU. If you don’t vote, you are directly responsible for the degradation of the country.

You are threatening your own freedom, you are playing with your child’s future and you are making this largest democracy smaller and smaller.

So take your ass off for a walk, go vote and kiss your finger. And then FEEL PROUD!

If you don’t vote you simply can’t comment on the functioning of this country, first vote and then you are eligible to decide on the good and the bad politicians and their works.

You can’t just be a spectator and demand sweets fruits from the country without doing anything. Do something!

And that something is VOTING (at least)

Voting gives you the power and the chance to choose your government.

So please…cast your votes and don’t waste them.

In this way you can pay back what you have got for free; the freedom!

Long Live Democracy!