High Fliers Big Offenders

Aero planes; the man made birds which can fly high; certainly man is proud of them. The young and the old wonder in astonishment on these flying machines! There might be no man who dreams of not travelling by air at least once in lifetime! There has been and there will be a great demand for this mode of transport.

Major aircraft manufacturing firms are now competing to build bigger planes to attract more commuters. This is all right and all fine as long as the economy is concerned.


But has anybody thought about the amount of environmental degradation.

Oh no! This is not the right question. Every body thinks and ultimately sympathizes. Has anybody thought and done SOMETHING, something on their part to minimize the problem? May be there are people who have the power to do something and they have done something to minimize the problem. But we are the common people; we don’t have the power to do anything for this particular problem. We are not the manufacturers of these polluting machines!

…you might well say this. And that’s absolutely right!


But when I here or see matured people getting over excited with their high flight, I feel concerned. Then I think of how people feel excited and happy of polluting their own house, the Earth.

Of course they are not directly or totally responsible for the pollution but I feel they should at least have some knowledge, get concerned and sympathize for the cause.

One may certainly feel the excitement and enjoy their flights or first flight. But every one should remember and behave responsible for the amount of pollution that is to come with that excitement.