Down Down Down Down Down!

I never failed in any of my exam; at least in school. Then in my junior college I became a bit slack. The principles which I had developed in my school days were left abandoned. The timely study schedule which I had during my SSC year was forgotten. I never seriously studied for the exams and used to depend on friends for study. I had actually got addicted to this type of study!

I scored very badly in the 11th and some how passed the year. Now I was a bit concerned about the first time down-fall. I was concerned about the approaching HSC exams. I always thought that the unit-tests were rubbish! But it was certainly a misconception. I thought that way because I never went prepared for those tests. I scored a decent 68 percent marks in HSC. Then I thought I could have studied a bit more to catch the 70 percent! That was gone, what really concerned me was the CET results, because I was totally dependent on CET for my future studies. Fortunately the score was decent enough to get me a seat in an engineering college.

I remember during the admission process, when I was to submit the documents the principal of that college remarked on my marks. I heard him tell me ‘you have been scoring low since SSC exam! And now in engineering you might not even cross 50 to 55 percent.’ He told me to prepare for a tough fight ahead! Being excited about the admission I overlooked his advice. But the moment I had the sem-1 result before my eyes, I recalled his words! This was my third major downfall. I had to keep terms in two subjects.

As the sem-2 approached, I again started to get anxious moments. Apart from the sem-2 subjects, I had to deal with the two massive subjects! I couldn’t cope up with the enormous pressure and never cleared the KT’s plus I achieved another KT in sem-2! Now this was certainly getting from bad to worse.

I had by then decided to do some serious study. But after a while I forgot about my determination! Now, I had three subjects more. That meant I had a total of eight. That certainly concerned me, but still I never acted seriously on to it.

This way I got, in a way, immune to the KT, the failure had no long lasting effect on my mind. But then it was a reality I had to face! Then came my golden attempt for the first year subjects. I cleared the sem-1 KT’s. But that was not enough! I again had to keep term in the sem-2 (math2) subject.

I got a drop and then I realized what I had done and what I had not. I grew nervous over the time. Then some people confronted me by assuring me it’s not the end of the world. My family also some-what were never harsh on me. Even than I could feel the way it disturbed the family affairs. There was less talking and more less interaction. I could do nothing as it was all because of me! Had I studied I could have passed to the next year.

But again I never would have discovered so many things I learned and practiced in that one year. Ya, always look on the positive side!

My progress was down, down, down, again down! Now that I am back after the drop, I hope to build on my assets! and take a ride up to see how the world looks from top…