Walking Wanderlust

If you were to explore a congested city like Mumbai, what would you prefer as your mode of transport? You may prefer a car, taxi, public transport or some other vehicle but I would choose to walk! Many people say they love to travel. Travelling doesn’t mean you must have a car or a comfort vehicle to carry you all around the city. Walking is one of the simplest and more healthy way to wander around the places of interest within a city. While walking you can experience the zeal various places and things exhibit. The best walk is from under the side trees which house cool breeze and offer refreshment. Of course there are some places where the roads are uninhabited by these green and shady living things, but you may find a good number of plantations along the footpath.

Now, traveling in a vehicle does provide you with comfort, but if you happen to see some interesting place out there, you think it’s worth visiting, you can’t just call out the driver every time to pull over for you. Moreover there is such a horrifying traffic and lack of parking space in the cities. Not to mention your contribution to air and noise pollution!

While you can wander capturing the memories with a camera on your own along the narrow gangways and shortcuts, visit the market place, waste time in the parks, cafes and spend time in the museums, libraries all on your feet; you don’t have to worry about the car you have parked while you are enjoying the trip! Moreover you benefit from not having to follow the traffic rules, such as one way, traffic lane, speeding, license, emissions and many more!

Alright, so much said in favor of the little feet, what will you do if you want to travel to some place a bit far from where you stand? If you have the stamina you could walk straight exploring more, if not you can always cab in and head where ever you want to be. Or ask for a lift or get in the public transport!

What I want to emphasize here is (most of the time) the better way to explore a city is by foot. There is always an option of alternate means, if you feel tired. But simply going to places with a car along with you all the time does not serve your purpose of exploring the city. You actually miss the most attractive highlights and in sights a city has to offer!!

Sure, there are certain things that one has to plan before just setting along on foot. One has to decide what places you have to visit, where to start and where to eat! If you don’t know the location simply hire a cab and you will be there shortly!

In my college days I used to travel on foot along with my friends to places that were famous in town. We rarely hired a cab, cause we were many and used to walk gladly anywhere cracking jokes and discussing current affairs of our college life. If the place was unknown to us we always had the pannwallas or people around or a cop to guide us through the right path! It helped us in exploring this huge congested city and soon I knew the shortcuts and other small interesting places that made Mumbai shine!

The area near the railway platforms from Grant Road to Churchgate became known to me, as I strolled around with friends or with colleagues. This way I got exposed to the life in Mumbai city. The sprit of travel, walking along the streets and causeway while exploring the city, had gripped me. And I loved it!!



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