The Introduction



The Introduction

Hello Bloggers!

I am Rohan; long been thinking of blogging myself. Lately, but certainly, I’ve discovered the joy of SHARING in life. Life could be a waste with selfishness on mind. Even if you are not selfish please don’t be unbiased; just come out and share anything you can. You shall feel the difference and your life will be rewarding, it is simply great!

Right here I start SHARING my thoughts, works and deeds-good bad, happy or sad, even ugly and dirty! with all of you.

I’ll try my best to serenely and calmly handle any sensitive and controversial issues. But I would like the VIEWERS whoever concerned to correct me on my blog by commenting on the issue. I will certainly give a thought to it.

Let’s make Blogging a way to SHARE all and any kind of thoughts, beliefs and in a way make this a better platform for open minds.

About myself:

I live in Bassein, outskirts of west Mumbai and study engineering. Practically, the things with which I would breathe are love and peace and some money of course!! The things I am fond of are nature, elegant lifestyle, travel adventure, electronic hardware and computer and open source software. Oh, the latter are some material things!

The subjects I loved in high school were little of History (loved the world history) and General Science, all of Geography. None of Math (except 9th and 10th, I loved it!), I seriously missed the Environmental Studies I had in primary school!



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