School, Shit and one more thing!

School is where the Shit is; and it smells good! Believe me, it is one thing that most of us simply love to cherish!


The shit here I am referring to is all the stupid, crazy, bizarre even clever and witty memories of the things we‘ve done in school days! Those little magic moments we always remember which make us laugh and feel bashful. Always proud of the monkeyshines and high jinks, fights and crushes deposited on our account! While most of us take pleasure in recalling such things that make us feel we have ended doing something enormous; we tend to forget some of the important values and habits that bloom in our minds at school. In here I would like to narrate; not the shit which smells good, but one of the few simple overlooked practices of our life back at that time; The Expedition…from home to school and back!

School and all the shit I referred to certainly have an imperative place, but one more thing-a simple thing on which I never thought until now was the journey from home to school on time and back safe and sound!

My Uncle was responsible to drop me on his motorbike to the play school. Later I travelled in the humble auto rickshaw to my pre-primary school. Then came the sturdy Mahindra-Commander and a little later a mini-bus which took me to my primary education institution. So far so good so safe and so also on time! After that came the High school. This meant new timings apart from all the new gear as normal. And so was one thing sure to me that something will drop me to school…!

On the first day I recall, there was heavy downpour in the early hours. It drizzled as I waited for the van to carry me to school. Soon I had to squeeze into it as it was jam-packed! I some how settled with my fat bag thinking I was the last one to get in for sure. Not far from home the van abruptly made a stop to accommodate some more! I could some how figure out a sudden force pushing us hard inside. From the rear section I was pushed into the middle of the van. It made me feel in torture. But then an idea struck and I had to move out immediately! I simply pushed aside the ones who blocked me, shot the door open and ran home, snatched away the keys from the cupboard and exiting from the back door I unlocked my cycle and very soon I was on my way to school! Soon I was in the school. I tried to settle in my class as I could clearly feel the over excitement.


Now that, no one had to carry me to school, I was happy I never had to wait for the bus. I discovered the joy of riding bicycle at high speeds in those good old days, in the early hours when I ruled the road with my bike! Soon, I made very good friends. I was exposed to the world that I never thought of, that existed between my home and my school. I also developed a special relation with my bike and started to maintain it in good condition. I learned a lot of values from school, of course, but I believe I actually learned some from riding my bicycle! A decade has already passed, but I’ve still maintained my friend in a top form. I ride on it everyday, and promise my friend you will be with me till the end!!



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Love Letters in School…from obscurity?